32 things i learned before i was 32.

In no specific order –

  1. Don’t waste your time doing what everyone else is doing…this whole “monkey see monkey do” stuff will just leave you throwing your shit into the world….
  2. Self discovery is. HARD. So hard, that most people just don’t do it.
  3. You won’t use 98% of what you learned in high school math – never have I ever needed to prove a parabola to be a goddamn parabola.
  4. True happiness isn’t about what you have, what car you drive or any other material bullshit. If thats how you gauge your happiness, you’re doing it wrong.
  5. Never be afraid to stand up for yourself – emotionally and physically. Stand up for yourself. Always.
  6. Eyebrows can really change a persons face…..so if you get them waxed or draw them on – pay attention to that shit.
  7. Victorias Secret seems to be their inflated measurement system…..making small chested girls feel like a 32D – a D?!?!? I have to buy every bra now to prove that I am a D of anything!
  8. Ab machines are dumb.
  9. There is almost nothing great music can’t push you through.
  10. Pneumonics really work.
  11. You will almost always undervalue what you have until you lose it, or see someone else lose theirs.
  12. Karma…..that shit is REAL.
  13. No matter how many times you check – abs don’t magically appear after one set. ever. STOP LOOKING AFTER EVERY SET.
  14. The music and movies from your high school years will always be the best.
  15. Be the tortoise, not the hare.
  16. The love of a dog is irreplaceable.
  17. The grow out from a short hair cut is going to suck no matter what you do.
  18. Stop taking life so seriously, Β laugh – have some fuckin fun – and let go of the notion that everything happens “to you”.
  19. Pizza, bagels and bakery items are exponentially better on Long Island.
  20. Social media can be the worst thing and the best thing.
  21. While I don’t believe in God, there is something to be said for the accuracy of the 7 deadly sins.
  22. Fear should never be a primary motivator for decisions you make, actions you take or opinions to which you subscribe.
  23. Angles, lighting and filters can make Β photo look pretty far from reality – stop comparing yourself.
  24. You can mourn something that never existed, if you are aware of what it could have been.
  25. Family is who you make it.
  26. Find your “thing”. Do your “thing”.
  27. Take naps. Drink wine/whiskey/beer/whatever. Eat cake. Hang in hammocks.
  28. Slow the fuck down and enjoy small things and small moments.
  29. You should live by yourself at some point – you will learn a lot.
  30. Take risks, living in a safety circle isn’t really living.
  31. Ask questions. Think for yourself. Research for yourself.
  32. People. People in your life are the most important resource, your most important gift – don’t take them for granted.

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