anatomy & practice.

In my teacher training, we spend quite a bit of time on anatomy. For a science geek like me, this is fantastic! I had a solid understanding of human anatomy and physiology, but a years removed from graduating college meant I would be rusty. As we progressed through the anatomy course, I was able to identify with almost every chapter – sadly because I had some sort of discomfort/issue there. Learning about the anatomy specifically from the perspective of asanas has helped me seek the appropriate correction with my team of eastern medicine professionals! Strangely enough, it seems my journey of unraveling the issues within my body seemed to follow a similar path to the chapters in the book – pretty weird.

As we learned to cue to the anatomy of the body, that also helped me in my practice by know thinking of the anatomical positioning while in practice and correcting my own postures.

The physical practice of yoga, and the hands on adjustments of Ashtanga Yoga inherently imply you should have a solid understanding of anatomy. You need to understand the body to intelligently move it, whether it is yours or someone elses.


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