breathe in. breath out.

My breathe has probably been one of the most improved parts of my practice. As I have worked to correct my muscles, we discovered that my diaphragm and all secondary breathing muscles were pretty negatively impacted. Once I was able to open these muscles I could actually start breathing more deeply.

Before, my breath was actually distracting and frustrating. I would try and breath and move but it was so off base that it would distract me from the flow. Now, I have improved – not perfect but improved. I still have trouble in Surya Namaskara B, so I have to stop and reconnect to my breath.

At this point, MOST of my practices are breath practices because I want to improve my vinyasa before doing anything else. I know this connection will help deepen my practice, I have seen it do so as my breath has improved.

The breath helps me stay focused internally. It helps me keep the pace of my practice, although there are times that I will slow it when I need to be more controlled. I feel more energized when I am taking in deep breathes and more stable as I am focused on controlling my breath through core and bandha connection.


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